Extensive research and product QC-testing (to international standards) stand behind the development and ongoing quality-control manufacturing of both the handout Protection Hand Sanitizing Wash and Faceup Filtration Face Masks product lines.

Don’t trust you or your family, friends, or employees safety to non-effective – often cheaply priced – hand sanitizer and face masks.

Handout Protection:

✔️ The typical drying time for alcohol is 20 seconds or less. Handout Protection’s 75% Isopropyl Alcohol is developed to last approximately 40 seconds – enough time to entirely clean both of your hands (top & bottom of hands and between your fingers) along with your wrists.

✔️ Green Tea antioxidants (EGCGs) make a significant difference. Some viruses may be resistant to alcohol alone. Research has shown that green tea’s antioxidants (EGCGs) can kill viruses on contact.

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