The Handout Protection single serve hand wash and sanitizer packet is ideal to help fight the spread of the Covid 19 Cases Virus as well as the new coronavirus variants that according to media reports spreads at a fifty percent faster rate. These single-serve packets are the ultimate portable and on the go for proper hand wash and sanitizer. Allowing people to be able to wash and sanitize their entire hand not just their palms but the tops and sides of the hands, the complete fingers including under the nails and up to the wrist to fight and kill bacteria and germs.

Specialist Says “Medical professionals say one of the main ways to fight this pandemic is with proper hygienic washing of the hands. Our product allows people to do both, wash and sanitize and not have to worry because it’s totally portable, convenient, and the ultimate way for on the go. Perfect in a purse, pocket, backpack, glove box, office, and more”.

More important “Our product quantity is significantly larger than competitors in the marketplace and the quality is super. Our single-use sanitizer packet is produced not only with isopropyl but with organic green tea loaded with antioxidants that is brewed in alkaline water.”

Covid 19 Cases: Handout Protection is not your typical hand gel designed just to smear over your hands. This is a handwashing sanitizer to cover your entire hand – both the front and back of your hand, in between your fingers, and your wrists. This is a non-sticky sanitizing hand wash- designed for convenience to take with you in your purse or pocket.

Why Green Tea?

Research findings have shown that green tea effectively fights alcohol-resistant bacteria and viruses. Containing a proprietary formulation of 75% pharmaceutical-grade Isopropyl alcohol and condensed organic green tea brewed in alkaline water, Handout Protection is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility under strict quality control standards

Recent international collaborative research has proven that alcohol alone may not kill some types of stubborn viruses. However, when green tea antioxidants (EGCGs) were mixed with the alcohol, that solution killed the virus on contact.

Medical and academic research is documenting green tea’s 5,000-year track record of anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits.

Please watch the video on the Why green tea page to get a better understanding of the product.



Handout Protection contains green tea’s EGCGs for the enhanced killing of viruses and bacteria that are potentially disease-causing.

Contains alkaline water as an ingredient that will help fight free radicals.

The skincare industry adds green tea antioxidants (EGCGs) to many product lines to help reduce wrinkles and to tighten skin.

Covid 19 Cases | Uses:

The single-use packets reduce the risk of touching contaminated pumps and dispensers. Handout Protection packets easily slip into a consumer's pocket or purse - eliminating the challenge of carrying a bulky bottle. The product line is…..Not Sticky! Soothing to the Skin! Cost-Effective!

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