HANDOUT PROTECTION Single Use hand sanitizer packets Formulated with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol & Green Tea Antioxidants (EGCGs) 3RD PARTY QUALITY-TESTED PPE SUPPLIES MANUFACTURED IN FDA REGISTERED FACILITIES
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Hand Sanitizing Wash 👇🏿
  • Made with Alkaline Water

  • Patent Pending

  • Contains 75% Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Formulated with Green Tea Antioxidants (EGCG’s)

  • Made in FDA approved and registered facility

The Handout Protection DIFFERENCE!

  • Convenient single use packets that easily fit in your purse or pocket.

  • Eliminates the risk of touching a contaminated pump or dispenser!

  • No need to carry a bulky germ-filled bottles.

  • Produced in a FDA-registered facility.

  • Soothing to the skin and non-sticky.

  • Safe, effective, and requires no rinsing.

  • Adequately covers your entire hands.

Protection Anywhere-

Essential Protection
Men, Women, and Children


Handout Protection Packets – 50ct